Sunday, 28 April 2013

Im SoRRy !

On the name of Allah


I wrote this entry just to express my feeling,
its just me,

it is a challenge,
i m just His servant,
who need His guide.
Only Him can guide me.,,
Through all night ,i m begging Him only to seek for my benefits
Suddenly i  realised that HOW SELFISH I aM !
Allah always hear my du'a,
even im a sinful servant,
He realised me on how i cannt stop seek for His blessing,
I was like ZEro !
im so terrible !
Lived the life by my own imagination,my own benefits
Never think about others
Then i was thinking ,
How about my sisters and brothers in Gaza,
Yes i do. I do remember them !
i would like to help them.
but sometime i tend to forget them when i m happy,
Life isnt permanent !
When i m happy, i tend to forget everything ,
only when i realised that All this sustainces came from Him,
He owns me,noone else,
Please forgive me..!
a sinful servant !

somehow i just wonder why Allah still give me His blessing even i disobey Him !
How much He loves me, but my love and sacrification towards Him and Islam is Zero,

Please forgive me as i have sinned You a lot _
                                                         i just a servant,small and sinful
in shaa Allah